Training Focus:

1. Grasshopper Introduction ( complete beginner )
2. Advanced Grasshopper ( +5 years experience) 
2. Kangaroo Physics-based Simulation
3. Gerneative Design for Masterplanning
4. AEC Project Specific Workflow with BIM
5. Digital Fabrication with Grasshopper ( 3D printing / CNC / Laser Cutting / Robotic Simulation)
6. Introduction to C# ( task automation )
7. Workflow for Large Scale Project and Team Collaboration

Courses PH run on 3rd party platforms:

1. McNeel Europe Grasshopper Level 1& 2
2. McNeel Europe Physics Simulation Using Kangaroo
3. Procedure Automation and Plug-in Development4.

4. Algorithmic Form Expression
5. Unfold Complexity

Trainer Profile:

Ping-Hsiang Chen is a UK registered architect and a chartered member of RIBA. He specializes in data-driven design, complex geometry, multimedia and digital fabrication in architecture. He is a senior architect at Zaha Hadid Architects and was a computational designer and geometry specialist at Applied Research Team at KPF. His work at KPF focuses on geometry and rationalization solutions for complex building envelopes, task automation and software development. He has more than 10 years experience providing computational and geometric solutions for AEC industry and professional Grasshopper software training to a various of companies, covering areas across urban, architecture and product design and engineering disciplines. The offices he trained include some of the most prestigious architectural and construction firms in Asia, Europe and Middle East.  He was a Grasshopper Level 1&2 trainer at SimplyRhino UK and is currently a Grasshopper trainer at McNeel Europe, Barcelona and DEZACT, Taiwan.  

Ping Hsiang Chen completed his RIBA Part 1 and Part 2 at AA School of Architecture, and has a second master degree in Architecture and Digital Media and Part3 at the University of Westminster. He has worked as both architectural and computational designer at UK based practices such as ShaGa Architects, A+T Partners and Mamou-Mani Architects. He was the lead computational designer in Mamou-Mani Architect and KPF London. Academically, he teaches computational design courses at the Bartlett school of architecture, UCL. He has previously taught at Shih Chien University in Taiwan, the AA Visiting School in Israel, Dorset, Shenzhen and with the Digital Prototyping Lab at the AA. He has been tackling highly complex architectural and engineering problems across all stage of  RIBA from concept to construction.

Ping-Hsiang Chen has contributed to various journals and conferences such as Smart Geometry , London Build Conference and MEED – Middle East Business Intelligence, and CAADRIA , and has given talks on the topic of advanced computation in architecture and digital fabrication regularly.